Chasing Literacy


literacy - demonstrating competence in a given area

information literacy - the ability to effectively utilize information

media literacy - the ability to effectively engage with a variety of formats


What does it mean to be information literate?

Information these days is cheap and easy, but that doesn't mean it's good. No one begins a search intending to settle for bad information. The truth is, there are many barriers to good information - some we can control and some we can't. The path to good information is more complicated than ever. Context, production and delivery are continually unfolding and at an ever-increasing pace. We all want to be well-informed, but our technology-rich environment is simultaneously overwhelming and overly simplistic.  It's not just about finding an answer - it's finding the right oneSo, how do we get around those barriers? I can help.

My Guiding Principles

Quality education leads to a well-informed citizenry.

A well-informed citizenry sustains a healthy democracy.  

A healthy democracy supports quality education.